woensdag 1 december 2010

Making the Pod

(6,14 Euro a piece) 
for four 2700 mAh batteries, 1.2 Volts
(5,20 Euro a piece)

Making holes in casing with perforator
for battery holders

Drilling holes for bolts

Attaching batteryholders 
with plastic screws and bolts

Amazing job aligning and drilling the holes 
with "the puncher"

Note the spacing: two bipolar leads and one DRL
(Right Leg Driver)

Back of front panel

Always use shrinkwraps to prevent 
short circuit when box is closed.

5x Touchproof jacks 1.5 mm contact
7.9 mm thread diameter, from MedCat
(25 Euro for 10)

On / Off switch wired to battery

Rewiring board LED

With a little red lens


Replacement LED stuck into lens

Front panel, casing, battery & board

Wired touchproof sockets to EEG/DRL

Back of front panel

Double sided tape to attach LED

Sandwich boards with stack screws

USB breakout board attached on
floor with plastic screws and bolts

Drilled and filed hole socket for connection

Attached boards to floor of casing
with screws and bolts

Strapped with tiewrap to battery holder
(60 Euro)

Closing the casing after cleaning up 
wires with tiewraps

Removing the plastic protection of
aluminium front and turning it on!

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